Driver Companion App

Your personal connection to dispatch. Manage your account. Accept trips. Cashier remotely. So much more!

  • Accept trips when you're not in your vehicle.
  • Manage your account and cashier yourself out.
  • Plan your upcoming trips.
  • Get more passengers with RiderApp™.
Remote Cashiering

View your current balance, Cashier with either ACH or Credit Card on file.

Works with TranAir

Set to be notified of new job offers by TXT. Accept jobs while you aren't in your vehicle!

Upcoming Trips

Easily plan your day with future trips displayed as an itenerary.

Trip History

View your previous trips and make notes for dispatch.

Link to™

Let your regulars hail you remotely. As their preferred driver, you get first dibs!

Stay Connected

Access your fleet's chatroom to talk to dispatch and other drivers.

Everything a driver needs from their fleet.

Intuative and easy to use,
reduces the need for drivers to interact with dispatch.

We've got the perfect package for you

Your fleet may already have enabled! If not, it's very affordable.

  • Dispatching
  • Upcoming Itenarary
  • Trip History
  • RiderApp Link
  • Everything in Basic
  • Trip Notes
  • Remote Cashiering
  • Riderapp Branding
  • Everything in Standard
  • Trip Notes
  • Trip Planning
  • Driver Chat Room